Boss Points Loyalty Program
0 BP
Free Boss Fries
Get a free order of Boss Fries on your next visit
10 BP
Free Half Combo
Get a free half combo on your next visit.
14 BP
Free Full Combo
Get a free full combo on your next visit
20 BP
Free Full Combo and a Boss Fry
Get a free full combo and an order of our famous boss fries
30 BP
Free Lil Nino and Half Combo
Get a free Lil Nino and a half combo!
40 BP
Two Free Platters
Get any two platters on our menu for free
50 BP
Free Eight Person Party Platter
Get a free eight (8) person party platter!
66 BP
Your Activity
Welcome to our loyalty program. Using our mobile app you can accumulate Boss Points on each visit to the Crab Boss Crab Shack or one of our trucks. As your Boss Points add up you will be able to redeem free food items for your loyalty. Your BP reset after redeeming a reward so choose your prize wisely! When ready to redeem tap redeem and hand to the register to verify.

Please hand your device to the business representative who will stamp your card.

Enter the stamp code when you are at the following location to earn a stamp.

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