14125 Brandywine Rd
Brandywine, MD, United States
  • Opening Hours

    • Wednesday-Saturday 12:00pm - 9:00pm
    • Sunday 12:00pm - 5:00pm
  • Comments

    • Marques King
      1 month(s) ago
      Y’all stay let we was cool before the hard times just let the good times roll for the gumbo
    • Anonymous User
      7 month(s) ago
      please come to white Marsh again
    • Vera
      8 month(s) ago
      I was just at the Frederick MD pull up. Was told to call the restaurant for my boss points. No answers called all lines and can not leave a message because all the lines are full. My order number 2177554. Can I please get my boss points.
    • Anjaasjase Martin
      10 month(s) ago
      Food was great but waited like a hour and then our order wasn’t right
    • Anonymous User
      10 month(s) ago
      Could you please pull up in Wilmington, DE?
    • Lita
      10 month(s) ago
      Pull up to Norfolk VA
    • SunShine Lilly
      11 month(s) ago
      Pull up to Reston VA please!!!!
    • Lenehe B Evans-Holloway
      11 month(s) ago
      Came today as promised
      Great customer service...
      Great food!!! Before we left I got another order to go!!
      Thanks CrabBoss
    • Lenehe B Evans-Holloway
      11 month(s) ago
      Coming this weekend!!!
    • Yvette Jemmott
      1 year(s) ago
      Hello I heard about you guys through my Neice I would love to try you guys out when u come back to Brooklyn
    • Lance VEGAS Harrell
      1 year(s) ago
      thank you for coming to New York Brooklyn appreciated that and we can't wait till you come back New York City supporting East New York Brooklyn famfirst718.....
    • Anonymous User
      1 year(s) ago
      My daughter is headed back to college now that 95 is back open. she wanted certain foods before she left. We didn't think she would be home for 3 weeks. I got her some Boss Fries last night and she couldn't wait to post a video and then eat them.
    • Kira Can't Be Copied
      1 year(s) ago
      🗣🗣Pull up in Baltimore please 🙌🏽
    • Naisha Debarge
      1 year(s) ago
      Come to New Jersey
    • Dominique BmoreRavs Joyner
      1 year(s) ago
      Come to Richmond
    • DaRell
      1 year(s) ago
      Come back to Richmond!!
    • Tiara Mclellan
      1 year(s) ago
      Was at the pull up in Baltimore today the seafood Mac and cheese was love!!! Definitely can’t wait for you to come back!!!
    • Eve Jackson
      1 year(s) ago
      Mad am happy u commin to Baltimore it’s on
    • Kim Brunson
      1 year(s) ago
      Any plans to ever come to Columbia or greater Baltimore Market? Food is delicious. MAYBE interested in you catering an event. Can you call me to discuss this? 4109521124
    • Benji
      1 year(s) ago
      When are y’all coming back to Richmond Va
    • Anonymous User
      1 year(s) ago
      Thank you for coming to Woodbridge the food and service was great!!!!
    • Kiearnna
      1 year(s) ago
      Thank you so much for coming back to WOODBRIDGE. It was a smooth pick up and the food was amazing as usual!!
    • Anonymous User
      1 year(s) ago
      Thanks for coming to Penrose Plaza in Philly. The food was absolutely delicious.

      Tanya Zeigler
    • Ebony Davis
      2 year(s) ago
      Thanks for coming to Richmond,Va
      You showed up and showed out.
      Thanks and stay blessed!!
    • Tine Samms
      3 year(s) ago
      Are u gonna start opening on Sundays?
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