• Briana Allen
    4 month(s) ago
    I really loved the deep fried crab will it ever be back on the menu????
  • Karla Lynn
    4 month(s) ago
    Wanted to place an order but didn’t get the message until 3 hours after the deadline for the Frederick delivery.
  • Tiffani Jare
    5 month(s) ago
    Had one of the worst experiences ever today....have bs boss points but can’t use them...customer service is horrible and will NEVER return...
  • ebony618
    6 month(s) ago
    Hey when will you guys be back in Richmond
  • Jess Jessme Tate-Harris
    6 month(s) ago
    Is there anyway to add extra eggs to a pull up order for Baltimore ?
  • Paris Alexis
    9 month(s) ago
    You are a whole piece of shit!!!! Of course u would block
    me from leaving comments under your page however if u knew how to do business I wouldn’t have had to Another black business that doesn’t know to do business!!!!
  • Paris Alexis
    10 month(s) ago
    Pissed is an understatement I don’t appreciate this and all I can get is an apology and a filled up voicemail that is probably other angry customers as well I call the alternate number get out on hold for more than 8 minutes call back goes to VM SAD!
  • Paris Alexis
    10 month(s) ago
    This is my 3rd time doing business and I’m almost sure it’s my last They are 1/3 with getting my order right I ordered a Lil boss no pork got it with pork and was told I didn’t order that this time order the same thing now they ran out of no pork HOW
  • Areca Hoskin
    10 month(s) ago
    Any idea when the Richmond Pull Up will be available for payment on the app? Asking since payment is time limited...
  • Adrienne Foote
    11 month(s) ago
    I keep trying to call in an order and it goes straight to voicemail. You’ll lose a lot of business if you’re unable to keep up with your phone numbers and the messages left.
    I keep trying to support black owned businesses but, when we keep slacking
  • Malinda Hawkins
    1 year(s) ago
    Yesterday at the laurel pull up they did not have any full combos as ordered. I was promised a refund, and was told to call today. The mailbox is full and I can’t get through. #1949705 $31.27 and #1952514 $41.49 could you please assist
  • Cynthia
    1 year(s) ago
    Food is amazing but this time I ordered the Lil Boss at the Laurel Pick Up & there was no lobster tail. I was looking forward to it after work but was pretty disappointed.
  • Neiman Marcus Holland
    1 year(s) ago
    Why is Woodbridges's Seafood Mac cheaper than everybody elses?
  • James Hartman
    1 year(s) ago
    Man i wish you guys would open a spot in Waldorf
  • Anonymous User
    1 year(s) ago
    can you please do some boss fries for b more Saturday. I'm dying lol
  • Carlos Williams
    1 year(s) ago
    Back a month later can’t resist!! 77 points and counting!! 5% me!!
  • April R Smith
    1 year(s) ago
    I've ordered a couple of times but I'm not getting any points? What's going on?
  • Maria S. Cabera
    1 year(s) ago
    i just place an order for tomorrow at security mall but i didn't gt the order #. how do i obtain a copy of my receipt and order# from my purchase.
  • Coco
    1 year(s) ago
    It's good to ask everyone if their a reward member when they order. I would've downloaded it while I was waiting for my food. I didn't realize until after I got home. Missed out on Boss points.
  • Mika Johnson
    1 year(s) ago
    The best place ever 🤩

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